MCA Live Transfer Leads

MCA Leads with Great Conversion Ratio

What is MCA Live Transfer Leads?

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads

MCA stands for Merchant Cash Advance which is a flexible and fastest business loan in Modern Financing Industry. For marketing this type of loan service, lenders follow different types of marketing methods like Email Marketing, Electronic Media Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Voice Mail Broadcasting etc. But among all these marketing methods, most of the lenders have found the best success in trying MCA Live Transfer Leads. The reason why its called Live Transfer Leads is that of its nature of lead generation. When a lead generation company qualifies a merchant according to the Qualifying Criteria of Cash Advance and Transfer the Merchant as a live call to a lender with Merchant's proper consent, then that lead is considered as an MCA Live Transfer Leads. Lenders will be receiving calls of the merchants those are already qualified and ready to fill out the application form to get funded asap.

How Does These MCA Live Transfer Leads Work?

The process of these Live Transfer Leads is very simple. Lead generation executives keep calling or following up the merchants all day long and qualify them according to the qualifying criteria of getting a Merchant Cash Advance. Once they are qualified and ready to fill out an application form, the callers or Executives, transfer the call over to the lenders to verify or double check the merchant's qualifications and walk them through the application process. The Lenders will be receiving calls via a 3-way conference call where the Lead Generation Executive will introduce the Merchant to the Lenders and give a brief idea about the merchant to the lender. The lender takes the call over from their and double check the merchant's qualification again to make sure the lead is good.


Qualifying Merchants

Qualifying Merchants via Cold Calling or Following Up to their Web-In Funding Requests. We have a big team calling these merchants all day long either following up on their request to get a business loan or doing cold calls to see if they are looking for any cash advance or business loan. To be qualified for a Merchant Cash Advance, they have to meet the following qualifying criteria.


Transferring Calls

Once the Merchant is Qualified, we transfer the call over to the lender/client via a 3-way conference call. They double check the Merchants Qualifications once again to make sure the lead is good and qualified. After the lender/client consider the mca lead as a good lead, they move forward with the lead to get the Merchant Funded as quick as possible. In fact, they send an application out.


Emailing Lead Information

Once the lead is considered as a qualified MCA Live Transfer Lead, we send an email to the Lender or Closer along with all the information of the Merchant like Name of the Merchant, Business Name, Phone Number, Alt Number, Email Adress, Fax, Business Address, Looking Amount, Bank Deposit, Credit Score, Credit Card Sales Volume, Status of Current Outstanding etc.

Qualifying Criteria for MCA Live Transfer Leads

Guaranteed to meet all these qualifying criteria

Our highly skilled and experienced Lead Generation Executives are generating and qualifying these Merchant Cash Advance Leads all day long to meet the qualifying criteria below:
  • All Business Owners
  • Over $15,000 Monthly Bank Deposit
  • Over 1 Year in Business
  • No Open Bankruptcy, Tax Liens or Judgement
  • DNC & TCPA Compliant
  • Need Money As Soon As Possible (Max in 30 Days)

You won't be charged for any Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads if they don't meet the qualifying criteria mentioned above.

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