Live Transfer leads vs Call Backs

Live Transfer Leads and Call Back Leads are two of the essentials for the Merchant Cash Advance(MCA) business. Basically, a lead is a prospect; an interested business owner or a merchant who wants quick funds and can’t go to the banks because of low credit score. There are types of useful leads and in this article, we’re going to talk about important two of them.

Live Transfer Leads

Live Transfer Leads are transferring merchants or business owners to the funding manager over the same call. Merchants are transferred only after qualifying with proper consent. Lead generators play the role of a liaison during a live transfer. It’s also called real-time leads since they tend to be 100% exclusive and ready to get funds as soon as possible. MCA Live Transfer Leads are considered to be the most popular and cost-effective leads for various reasons. Some of them are mentioned below, along with the characteristics of a live transfer lead.

  • Live transfer leads are pre-qualified and filtered fresh in real-time.
  • Leads are DNC and TCPA compliant.
  • You have to pay only for successful leads, not the bad leads.
  • Good ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Calls are transferred in bank hours; so no late-night, weekend, or holiday calls.

Call Back Leads

Also called Appointment-setting; MCA Call Back Leads are basically verified and qualified business loan leads ready to be contacted at a scheduled time. In this method, an agent of a telemarketing company calls business owners or merchants, asking them if they need loans for their businesses. When the answer is positive, the merchant is walked through by the telemarketing agent, throughout the requirements and qualifications needed to be eligible to get a loan. If the business owner is fit, an appointment is set to perform the closure, connect the merchant with a funding organization and complete the loan transfer.

Out of the three basic ways to generate MCA business loan leads, Call Backs are comparatively less popular and useful to lenders and MCA providers. It’s less likely possible to get back to a lead at an arranged time because of random reasons. 90% of the time, closers at the lender’s end can’t get a hold of the business owners at the scheduled time. As a result, most of the leads turn into Cold Leads, as the closer keeps trying to contact. For an unsuccessful cold lead; even if it’s replaced by the lead generator company, it still is a waste of time to both ends.

But there are ways to improve the use of Call Back Leads. It includes scheduling for an early and specific time, along with the methods below.

  • Always try to arrange the appointment after 15 minutes around. If the call doesn’t take place in the timeframe, there’s a perfectly good chance that the merchant has forgotten.
  • To help remember the Closer, make sure to mention his/her name repeatedly during the call with the merchant. That way, when the Closer calls the merchant; it’ll be easy to recognize.
  • If it’s not possible to schedule an appointment in 15 minutes, set up the timetable convenient for the merchant. Try to call at the exact specific time given.
  • Lastly, never forget to get an alternate number or a cell phone number to reach the merchant, just in case.

Live Transfer Leads vs Call Back Leads: Which is better?

Generally, among the three main methods of business loan lead generation, Live Transfer is the most popular in the MCA industry. It is less time-consuming, cost-effective and has a 100% contact ratio. Having said that, although Call Back is applied less and has a significantly lesser contact ratio; it’s up to the lenders to choose either of the methods or both of them. Both have their own ups and downs. Where live transfer leads offer higher conversion possibility and tend to be exclusive and real-time, call back leads are double qualified and programmed appointments that can offer flexibility, as well as credibility. Good ROI can be gained from both of them if certain methods are applied.

At DTX Merchant Cash Advance Leads, we provide both MCA live transfer and MCA call back leads exclusively. Our leads are filtered, pre-qualified and generated through specific processes to ensure quality. Our professional team members provide and maintain control of all the qualified leads to save your valuable time and effort. Experience is a great factor and in our lead generation company, we see it as our strength. Contact us now to get exclusive business loan leads for your business.


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