Refund & Replacement Policy

By placing an order or purchasing leads from this website ( Hereinafter referred as “DTX Business Solutions LLC” or the Service Provider or Leads Generation Company or this Website), you (“You” referred to as “The Person or The Company Purchasing Leads or Services from “DTX Business Solutions LLC”) are accepting these Terms & Conditions of the Replacement & Refund Policies of it’s Leads Generation Service.

“DTX” or “us” or “our” referred to as “DTX Business Solutions LLC” or “The Service Provider or Leads Generation Company” or “This Website Owner”
“You”, “Client” referred to as “The Person or The Company Purchasing Leads or Services from “DTX Business Solutions LLC”
“Lead” referred to as “The Person or Business or Merchant (USA Based) shows their interest in Business Loan and provides their consent to be contacted by our client in case of getting a business loan.”

Refund & Replacement Policy for Live Transfer Leads

Each and Every live transfer lead is subjected to be replaced in case of not meeting the qualifying criteria & the requirement (agreed upon both parties) and not considered as a successful live transfer.

Qualifying Criteria: (of a Merchant to be Considered as a Lead)

The process of requesting the replacement:

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You will receive an email like this after receiving each successful and qualified live transfer leads.


If the leads don’t meet the qualifying criteria mentioned above, we require our client to decline the lead right on the live transferred called saying something like “Sorry, we can’t help you at this moment or you’re not qualified at this moment” to let us keep a track of the call in the recording as reference.

Once a live transfer is successfully closed meeting all these Qualifying Criteria and you are sending him an application form, the lead will be considered as a successful payable live transfer lead. But in case of judgment, defaults & bankruptcy, you can get a replacement as soon as you have a proof of the judgment, defaults & bankruptcy of the merchant or lead.

In terms of every qualified lead, we will send you an email along with all the detailed information of the merchant or the lead.

Remember, you will only receive an email with the lead’s information if it is considered as a qualified live transfer lead.

One lead will be replaced only once until the completion of the existing order. Once a qualified lead is transferred to you, DTX or any of its employees will not have any right or ownership on that lead up to 3 months. DTX reserves the right to redial that any sold lead to see if that merchant is looking for another business loan at any point of urgency and can resel that as a new lead again.

If DTX fails to meet or comply with the policies above within 15 working days of placing an order for leads on this website, you can request for a full or partial refund to your credit card company or PayPal if you don’t receive any co-operation from DTX within 5 working days after sending them a written notice via email.

You are required to send an email to from a valid and working email address to get a full refund.

These terms are not eligible for MCA Aged Leads, Opt-In Leads or Web-in Leads sold by DTX or on this website. Which means, No Refund will be performed in any case of MCA Aged Leads, Opt-In Leads or Web-in Leads sold by DTX or on this website.